Day: June 22, 2017


Maitri – Handmade Terracotta Jewelry

MAITRI – HANDMADE TERRACOTTA JEWELRY Maitri, Terracotta jewelry – Maitri … the Sanskrit word means, Relation, and goodness! It best shows our desire to be associated with Nature and its rustic products, made by the most natural way … by hands! At Maitri Crafts, we work with various groups of women artisans and make beautiful terracotta jewelry […]

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Fatfatiya – Printed Bedsheet – Tablet Sleeves – Sling Bag

FATFATIYA – PRINTED BEDSHEET – TABLET SLEEVES – SLING BAG Fatfatiya: an offer advance that outlines, Made and offers unusual demolish’, home stylistic layout and home decorations. Fatfatiya Designs began was Dec 2012. Fatfatiya in the territorial Rajasthani culture alludes to a little three-wheeler called Taxi or Fatfatiya. Name Fatfatiya to acquire from a voice of […]

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