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Sikh Turban

Panjabi Haat is a humble endeavor to bring day to day things used by the Sikh Sangat at their doorstep. Their idea is to maximize reach to every Sikh family and try to deliver the Sikhi items required / desired by them.

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The Pride of Sikhs” once adorned by kings is not a mere metric  cloth but a symbol of unique identity for sikhs  worldover. The sikh turban is known as an article of confidence that has been made obligatory by the organizers of sikhism.

Sikh Turban

The turban is of incredible centrality both spirtual and in addition worldly. Master Gobind Singh Ji gave his sikhs turbans to perceive the high good status that the Khalsa needs to cling to. The turban is emblematic of sikhs respectibility and is an indication of respectability. A turbaned sikh emerges from the group and is effortlessly conspicuous.

Sikh Turban  – A symbol of style honour and pride for every sardar, call it a Turban, Pagri or Dastaar

It is symbolic of the Sikh faith and for those who wear it, the pagg isn’t just a cloth that covers their head but also their pride, a badge of honor that they carry, every time they step out of their house.

Sikh Turban


This also means that the pagg has come to be styled in different ways, given the fact that it also reflects the personality of the person wearing it.

From vibrant colours to different ways of tying it, the sikh turban has, over time, attained a fashion status of its own.

Sikh Turban


 For a Sikh, a turban (otherwise called the Dastaar, Pagri or Pagg) is a basic piece of regular day to day existence and a reaffirmation of their confidence.

Sikh Turban


This one of a kind headgear (including a since quite a while ago unstitched material, injury around the head over an inward under-turban called patka) is quintessentially Sikh and is a convention that has survived the travails of time.

Wearing a Sikh Turban with an easygoing outfit includes a measurement of advancement.

Sikh Turban

The Pagri furnishes sikhs with one of a kind personality. Include a squeeze of style and polish to your looks and parade the most lovely and popular hues over your head. Stroll with certainty and let individuals be smooth by your appeal. Punjabi are glad to give the basics of our religion and feel respected to serve you also.

Sikh Turban

Pagri is the pride of Sikh. The turban is an article of confidence worn by Sikhs have a gigantic otherworldly and also worldly significance.The imagery of wearing a turban are numerous from it being viewed as an image of power, dedication,self-regard, strength and devotion. Panjabi Haat offers you high quality Punjabi Turbans which are are soft & comfortable

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