Delhi Handicrafts Online – Famous Handicrafts of Delhi that are Admired all Over the World

 Delhi Handicrafts – Famous Crafts

Delhi Handicrafts

The capital of India is famous for many things including Delhi handicrafts. The market of Handicrafts in Delhi or Delhi crafts is huge because every craft of the country reaches Delhi before going anywhere else

Know the city : Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a city full of life. The sparkling gems of this vivacious city are its age-old monuments, splendid museums, lively culture of art and drama and some scrumptious delicacies to enjoy.The British built New Delhi as imperial capital of India, whereas, Old Delhi served as the capital of India during the Mughal period. Being the hub of the country, Delhi gets handicrafts from all around India. You can buy cloths with mirrorwork of Rajasthan or striking Madhubani painting of Bihar in Delhi.

Unique Delhi handicrafts

Art and craft has found a significant place in Delhi because so many dynasties and emperors ruled Delhi. Every dynasty coming and ruling in Delhi brought its own unique style of art and craft. Mughals being great patrons of art and craft brought some rich legacies. Though all of them didn’t survive, there are many that are still existing and flourishing.

Delhi Handicrafts

Ivory carving was an important craft of the early age, which got extinguished due to the ban in ivory. However, the craftsmen continued with the craft by using bones of buffaloes and camels instead of ivory. You can still find shops where craftsmen create beautiful bangles and necklaces out of bones.

Other crafts that exist since the Mughal era include Zardozi, the art of embroidery with gold thread. It includes intricate designs on silk velvet and other materials and also uses semi-precious stones. Similarly, Meenakari is another significant craft of that era. In Meenakari, paint is embossed on silver or gold to give it the look of a precious stone.

Lacquer work and pottery also feature amongst the famous crafts of the early times, which were prevalent during the rule of Mughals and are still doing great.

Delhi Handicrafts

The various handicrafts and handlooms in Delhi include textile, artifacts, and antique jewelry. Being a mega city, Delhi has some finest handicraft outlets. There are a number of government emporiums as well as private showrooms where you could get the best range of khadi fabrics, chikankari work, and handmade jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, stone carvings and hand knotted carpets.

Buy Delhi Handicrafts Online – The crafts of Delhi include Paintings, Jewelry, Textile, Embroidery, Sculpture, Pottery and much more available at Silkrute

You can get various kinds of paintings including miniature paintings, classical paintings and glass paintings. The miniature paintings come in intricate and handmade designs and are very colorful. Craftsmen use delicate strokes of brush to color these paintings and for this they use paints made out of vegetables, minerals, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver.

Delhi Handicrafts
Delhi is the hub of artistic and elaborate designs of jewellery. The range of jewellery available here is irresistible in styles and pattern. The use of colonial beads, coral pearls together with metal pieces in making beautiful pieces of jewellery is definitely a treat for the eye.

Textile serves a variety of purposes. These can be used in clothing, carpeting, furnishing as well as for industrial purposes. Indian textile originated way back during the Indus Valley civilization. In fact, textile was an important trade in the ancient era and is still doing fabulously.

Delhi Handicrafts

The use of embroidery can be seen in many art and crafts in India. Zardozi is one such art of embroidery with gold thread, which includes intricate designs on silk velvet and other materials. The art of embroidery is also used in wall hangings.

Delhi Handicrafts

Artisans create various intricate designs of embroidery to make the wall hanging look beautiful. Weavers use colorful patterns and a range of threads to make lovely designs. Embroidery is also used to beautify garments and furnishings by using intricate stitches, mirror work and patchwork. It gives bright traditional look that catches every onlooker’s attention.

Sculpture is a very popular craft since ancient times. It is the craft of shaping figures out of materials such as clay, wood, marble, metal and granite. This craft was mainly used in the past to create idols and deities for temples. At present, this craft is also used by artists to express their artistic visuals.

Delhi Handicrafts

Pottery is the art of molding clay into various beautiful and useful objects of day-to-day use. This is done with wet clay. This clay is used to shape different objects like pots, bowls, vessels, dinnerware and crockery, figurines, statues, decorative pieces, and so on.

There are many sellers of Delhi that are connected and selling their unique crafts on silkrute. Their products are unique that gives an indian ethnic touch to your home décor.

Height of Design Lamps –  Brings to you a wonderful Ethnic feel

Height Of Designs – Manufacturer of an industrial ceiling lamp, jewelry boxes & night lamps since 2014 in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Delhi Handicrafts


It has been providing customers top quality products in the home accent, Home Decor, Home Improvement & Kitchenware category. At Height Of Designs, it believes that it takes four major principles to provide customers with the best service. First is pride in the quality of our product. It has a quality control team that carefully inspects the products to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Green Girgit – Garden Planters Complete the Home’s Look

Plant your garden view inside Even if it’s cold and wet outside, a few beautiful plants and plant pots will mean it’s always summer, somewhere in your home.

Delhi Handicrafts

Plants can create a feeling of peace, and caring for them helps us slow down and appreciate the here and now. Their pots and plants help you bring new colors and textures into your home for nature-inspired updates.

Flavour of Punjab – Delight you with Traditional flavours of Punjab

Flavors of Punjab was joined with a firm concentration of presenting concealed fortunes of Punjab, may it be eatables, embellishments, footwear or some other conventional things. To begin with, the organization has presented the popular 50 year old brand of Ram Lubhaya AmPapars of Amritsar having a whole scope of AmPapars to Choorans and Golis.

Delhi Handicrafts

The organization has additionally as of late presented Papars, Vadis and Gajjaks from the inside of Punjab which has gotten gigantic reaction from the general population of Delhi from our lead retail outlet and no more pined for shopping center of Delhi, DLF – Saket and Select CityWalk – Saket.

Peeli dori – Offers a cognizant way of life in type of Luxury Products finely made by hand.

Peeli dori is a contemporary brand upholding the essence of Indian traditions and skills. Their handcrafted products are a thread between the Indian raw living and High-end voguish lifestyle. Looking for life under the small shelters the idea is to re-paint the vanishing and hidden craft skills. Our belief is to expand knowledge and employment all over the country.

Delhi Handicrafts

Peeli dori embarks its origination in a country highly rich in culture, craft and color. Designing these elements, their approach is minimalistic and classy in outlook.

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