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Artshai brand was created to solve the need for having high quality products at reasonable price. Artshai products are mosly hand-made and go through strict quality check procedures. Artshai encourage buyers to give as much feedback as possible, as they believe that they can make perfect products only with the feedback of their valuable customers.


Artshai Provides office accessories like Telescopes, Monoculars,Hourglass binoculars of high quality. Antique style brass telescopes have different way of operation.


 Artshai Office Accessories


Gift Something special

How many times you got a plastic made gift or gifted it to other and realized that it does not stay even for a month and finds its way to a closed Almirah or Store room.


Artshai presents memorable gifts made up of quality material like brass, wood and genuine leather. Here are some of the unique gifting items. These are office accessories can also give vintage decor to your work space.


Hour Glass, Also called as Sand Glass or Sand Timer is a kind of non-electronic timer and can be used for measuring fixed time. The time range from seconds to hours.

Hour Glass has two glass cylinders connected through a nozzle. Sand is filled in the hour glass according to the duration for which it is required.


Hour Glass has numerous utilities and can be used like while playing games, in kitchen for keeping time, etc. It comes in different options where the frame could be made up of wood and metal like brass and copper.

Hour Glass is also a decorative and beautiful gift item.


Artshai Wall Clocks

Antique design wall clocks from Artshai. These wall clocks are of high quality and excellent craftsmanship.


All of them use high quality machine movement which keeps the time accurate. These wall clocks comes with a free duracell, so that you don’t have to go shop to buy cell.

Trendy Pocket Telescope and its use

Extended Pocket Telescope with cap

Ever wondered how a pocket telescope can help while watching a match in a big stadium or a race? These pocket telescope are quite handy help a lot in seeing distant objects. As seen in the image below these can be used for

Stadium/Races: While watching matches or race in a stadium sometimes it is quite difficult to see an activity towards the far end of the stadium. In a horse race match you can use this to see which horse is head, typically difficult to do it using bare eyes


Big Stadium

Watching Scenery: While on hill station, This can be used to enjoy the scenic beauty.  Go for a bigger telescope if you want to see finer details.

Outdoor activities: While doing outdoor activities in places like forest, there is a need to see path and other relevant objects which are far away. This can be helpful in that scenario also

Gift Items and Show Items: These can be used for gifting as well as decoration purpose.

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Double Barrel Telescope for Home decor

Here is a beautifully hand-made product from Artshai with stunning look. This product is made of brass and is electroplated for long life.


This will give vintage look to your living room. It is also used as a decor item in offices, educational institutes etc.

These Office accessories are also a decorative and a beautiful gift item for loved ones.

Artshai makes customized products for both home and Corporate need. Artshai office accessories make your workspace more elegant and fascinating.

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