Assamica agro green tea: – Everyone knew about the green tea of Assam. I think there is no one who doesn’t know about the Assam tea. There is a variety of tea available but people choose the herbal tea or green tea mostly. So, today we are providing you the Assamica Agro green tea on our latest website which is an e-commerce marketplace. Here we are providing this product at a very reasonable price that is fit to every pocket.


Assam Agro green tea

 The importance of  the Tea:-

Tea is having a great importance in everyday life. There is probably not a single tea lover in this world that hasn’t tried Assam tea. Maybe you were not aware that the tea you are drinking comes from Assam because you could not recognize the taste, or the ingredients were simply marked as black tea. However, Assam tea is the important ingredient in many black tea blends sold these days. Sometimes it’s labeled as Indian tea, sometimes only as black tea. There are many Assam green tea benefits.


Assamica Agro green tea

Assam tea:-

Assam tea is worldwide famous tea with robust flavor produced in the state of Assam in India. It is the largest tea producing area in India, making up to more than 50% of all tea production in the country. Try imagining fields of 304 thousand hectares covered by tea bushes and Assam green tea leaves. You probably got the picture.


Assamica Agro green tea


Assam tea has a long history of almost two hundred years. When British decided to plant their own tea in India, they probably didn’t have in mind Assam will grow into enormous tea production state. First, they brought tea from China only to discover a wild plant was already growing there and had a huge potential for further deployment. Assam’s tropical monsoon climate makes a perfect weather environment for a tea production. Assamica Agro green tea!


Assamica Agro green tea


Now you must be thinking that why this Assamica agro green tea is important and famous so for this we are providing you some important facts that will help you understand it better.

  1. Almost 1/5 of people in Assam are employed on tea fields. This is a huge number of populations living only on tea production.
  2. Assam is the second most important tea producer in the world, after China. Assam exports a lot of its tea to countries such as Russia, United States, Australia, Iran, and many others.
  3. Assam is the land of indigenous tea bush Camellia sinensis var. Assamica.
  4. Assam’s climate is perfect for tea production, and more than 304 thousand hectares of land are covered by tea bushes. Assamica Agro green tea
  5. Assam produces more than 500 million kilograms of tea per year, and only 10% is consumed inside.
  6. Assamica Agro green tea is the main ingredient of many morning tea blends.


Assamica Agro green tea


There are many green tea manufacturers in Assam. Without tea, Assam would lose its main industry and many workers would be left without a job, and tea drinkers would be left out of the opportunity to enjoy robustly and one of the most popular black teas in the market. That would surely leave an enormous mark on tea drinking habits in the whole world. Can you imagine the world without Assam tea? We surely cannot. Check out our offer of purely organic Assam delights.Assamica Agro green tea

  • The Best Blends of Green Tea: India remained the world’s top producer of tea for well over a century. During that century, tea farmers worked to elevate the creation of the finest blends to an art, and some of them succeeded.  The internet has made it possible to buy their high-quality Assam green tea online. Assamica Agro green tea offers the best blends of loose green tea leaves in a loose green tea combo product that can help you to save some money while you taste all of these best selling green tea blends in a single product.
  • Tulsi green tea: Itis a blend made from green tea and high-quality tulsi leaves. Tulsi leaves have often been called “the sacred herb” due to their ability to lift people’s spirits.
  • Chamomile green tea: This is a delightful blend of whole leaf green tea and dry chamomile flowers.  In addition to its mellow flavor and antioxidant properties, it offers the calming effect of chamomile, known for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Lemongrass green tea: This blends whole leaf green tea with fresh lemongrass pods to produce a savory quality highlighted with notes of citrus.
  • Mint green tea: It blend combines fresh green tea and peppermint leaves for a smooth flavor and a mildly astringent, rejuvenating effect.


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One of the many reasons tea is considered the drink with the highest social value all over the world is the time and care it takes to make it. Preparing a cup of tea pays homage to tradition, good health, and the calming effects of relaxation.  During times of rapid social change, there are few things more comforting than the beauty and civility of ritual. As now this Assam agro green tea is available on our leading website and many tea suppliers of Assam are directly connected with us so that we can spread their business worldwide at an effective and a reasonable price. Assamica Agro green tea!


Assamica Agro green tea


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