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Anklets online


Anklets are enchanting in its unique way, and a superb addition to one’s jewelry collection. Whatever style you may choose, whatever may be the occasion, anklet jewelry never goes out of fashion.

This piece of ornament holds an affluent history. The rich and elite of Egyptian regions used to wear anklets as an image of their high status and wealth in the society. In India, anklets are worn by young and newly married girls as a style statement.

Anklets Jewelry: A Perfect Accessory for your Feet


Anklets jewelry


When you have perfectly manicured feet, anklet jewelry acts as the perfect accessory to flaunt. Anklets are also known as ‘payal’, they have great spiritual and social significance.

Payals are considered to be traditional, and an auspicious gift for the new bride in India.

Heavily carved payals, or payals embellished with exquisite meenakari (coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals), are an all-time favorite gift for the newly-weds. Frequently, the new bride announces her arrival in her husband’s house with the tinkling sound of these anklets.


Anklets online jewelry


When family members sat together and heard the sound of anklets, they would know a woman was coming and would welcome her with respect. Anklets online reflect back to the conventional culture of our country, and this is the very reason it has been popular among ladies. You can wear it for all occasions such as a wedding or a festival, and even tag it along with their casual attire.

Anklets are designed for every age group, from small girls to little girls. They have been a favorite ornament since centuries, and have always been an enhancement to a woman’s beauty.

Anklets Online: Beauty On Your Feet


Anklets jewelry


Adorable handcrafted brass payal (Anklet) is an ideal example of traditional craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The engaging Kundan brass payal (Anklet) embellished with round shining beads in luscious colors. This fascinating payal (Anklet) is exquisitely crafted with ethnic meenakari work. They are richly made and display a fine shine.

Anklets can be worn on various events like weddings or festivals, and they look best when worn by brides. Traditional and contemporary designs are generally heavy and they are uniquely created. That is what makes them stand out.

On the other hand, the lightweight anklets are perfect for casual wear, and they can be worn on any day, and even to the office. Simple and the lightweight designs are particularly designed for daily wear. They are crafted keeping in mind the modernity, and the choices of today’s women.


Anklets jewelry


The anklet or payal has undergone many modifications in its material usage, design, and style. Monsoons are the perfect season for this excellent adornment as it adds to the romance of this weather perfectly. Jingle away to the tune of the rains with our specially designed collection of anklets. Single piece anklets are the new trend today.

Silkrute offers a wide range of designs catering to different tastes. From ornate to minimalistic, traditional to modern, designer to ethnic, we have it all. You can buy Anklets online at our store and give that step the tune that runs your life.

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