Aurea- Blue Pottery

Aurea Blue Pottery

Aurea Blue Pottery– The name AUREA, which means splendid and beautiful, is inspired by the result of our first trial batch – which gave radiant hues and shining surface. Blue Pottery is widely recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur, though it is Turko-Persian in origin. The name ‘blue pottery’ originate from the eye-catching blue dye used to color the pottery. Jaipur blue pottery, shaped out of a similar frit material to Egyptian faience, is gloss and low-fired.

Blue Pottery Online India

The process of making blue pottery art product is very different and unique. Even today these products are made with old traditional techniques of Blue pottery art.  Though the blue pottery art is widely recognized as the traditional craft of Jaipur, its origin is Turko-Persian.

Blue pottery art is for making products like decorative bowls, door knobs, wine bottle stoppers, designer tiles, quirky vases, ethnic flower pots, decorative animal figurines. And much more are wall plates, pickle jars, and barni, jewelry holders, serving tray and glasses, toothbrush holders. 

Blue Pottery Online India

At AUREA, we collaborate with local craftsmen and empower them with our design and marketing efforts. Our designs and forms are focussed on aesthetics, marketability, utility, and durability. The reasonable profits we make help us bring sustainability to this venture. Handicrafts are a mark of golden history of our country.It is a small step towards the upliftment of these artisans and craftsmen. Who create magic with their hands, to give them a platform to showcase their expertise using old skills and traditional arts. These all are Products Available on


How our craft help the local community?

Handmade products always give joy and contentment to the artisan and help to enhance self-confidence in them. It helps reducing stress since the artisans put their energy into something constructive. Every time they make something. Crafting also helps retain generation old traditional skills, to make high quality, eco-friendly and exclusive products. It supports the local economy by providing rural employment, financial security and economic freedom to the artisans.

Blue Pottery Online India

When you make or buy a handmade product, you realize the worth and effort that goes behind it and that helps you value the resources and facilities you have around you. It helps in keeping the environment green, as the carbon footprint of a handmade product is less. Last, but not the least, handmade products always provide sustainable livelihood to the artisans.” Aurea Blue Pottery.

Making Of Blue Pottery

The exquisite art of making Jaipur Blue Pottery need excellent craftsmanship, lots of efforts and creative skills. The beauty of these blue pottery art products is flawless and enhances the look of the decor when added. The artisans are working very hard to keep this rich art of Rajasthan alive. And making efforts to portray the craft worldwide!!!

Blue Pottery Online India

We will guide you step by step the making of blue pottery.


The first step includes crushing of ingredients into small particles. The ingredients include raw materials like Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth), scrap glass, saaji, katria gond and quartz stone.Make a fine powder with the help of traditional chakki.

Once all the raw materials are crushed into a powder they are weighed accordingly to prepare the dough. The mixture is kneaded properly to prepare the non-sticky dough. And is kept for at least 7-8 hours before using it.

After 7-8hrs the dough is ready for use.Then dough is shaped into a chappati.Then the chappati is flattened with thepai (a traditional wooden tool).

Blue Pottery Online India

The Chappati is set into a mold to give the desired shapes and sizes. The craftsmen make different molds using POP (Plaster of Paris).

Once the dough is placed in the mold for giving the desired shape it is filled with raakh (burnt wood/ash). This is done so that the dough is pressed for taking the exact shape of the mold. The extra edges are cut using a sharp knife. The mold is then turned upside down and removed. The prepared product along with is kept for 1-2 days for drying. After drying the product rough edges are removed. Using sandpaper so that the raakh and other major grains are removed.

The product base is now ready and needs smoothing for painting designs.

Once dried the product is rubbed with sandpaper for smoothing. And then dipped in a slurry for final coating. The product is then ready for painting.

 After that design the pottery by using potter’s wheel. Now pottery is ready for painting.

 The colors for painting Blue pottery art products are built by the artisans. The oxides come in form of small lumps. Which are then mixed with edible gum (binding agent) and powdered. The blue pottery art colors mainly include of blue, green, yellow, black, red and brown.

The designs and outlines are painted with these oxide colors using fine brushes.


Blue Pottery Online India

Once the painted design dries the products are glazed. Glazing is done so that the paint last longer. And gives a fresh look to the product when used.

The products are prepared and painted is then taken for firing process in a close kiln.

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