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Red Sister Blue

Red Sister Blue

Red Sister Blue
is a women’s clothing brand where modern and western designs meet traditional Khaadi weaves and handmade fabric.

In India, khaadi is not just another piece of fabric. In fact, it is deeply embedded in the cultural past of the country and can conjure up heartfelt nationalistic emotions owning to its role in India’s freedom struggle. Khaadi online products are deeply steeped in the culture of our country and are therefore rightly referred to as a fabric fit to be India’s signature cloth.

Khaadi is fabricated in two steps: converting the fiber into yarn utilizing tools like spinning wheels (Charkha) and after that weaving the yarn into the fabric using looms. Both the spinning and weaving can be mechanized, resulting in the hand-loom fabric when the first step is mechanized and mill-made fabric when both steps are mechanized.

Khaadi online
Hand spinning and hand weaving have been around for thousands of years, in this manner, making the craft of khadi ancient. The Indus civilization, around 2800 B.C., had a well-developed tradition of textiles.

Disclosure of terracotta spindle whorls for spinning yarn, bone tools for weaving, terracotta beads with textile impressions and figurines wearing woven fabrics are confirmed supporting such claims. The most prominent figurine is of the Mohenjodaro Priest King sculpture shown wearing a cloak over the shoulder with patterns still in use in modern Sindh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

There have been various other mentions of the beauty and vividness of Indian fabric. Alexander the Great found printed and painted cotton amid his attack of India. He and his successors established trade routes which finally introduced cotton to Asia and eventually to Europe. Recovery of Indian fabrics in the old ruins of Cairo supports this theory. Cotton textiles were viewed as extremely popular in Rome and were popular among the wealthy.

A brand born with a vision to see Khaadi as part of the urban culture, a part of the jeans-clad, iPhone gen-next urbanites’ style.

Red Sister Blue
Red Sister Blue understands your modern day sensibilities and has created a fresh and funky high-street style of clothes from Khaadi Online. A brand that echoes who you are, that walks along with you stride for stride; understanding both the old and the new with an eclectic fusion of style and culture.

Red Sister Blue is about sisterhood. It’s about girls in shorts on bikes turning heads. It’s about daring to be sexy. A woman who knows what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. A celebration of femininity and freedom.

It has that versatility that ‘pep’, to make it into your ‘cool wardrobe’ statement.

– It has “the weave for your verve”!

Mumbai’s Nanda Yadav – Co-founder of ‘Red Sister Blue’


Red Sister Blue
Nanda (originally from Varanasi) love for Khaadi has its roots in her childhood. What was a family tradition – she grew up seeing her grandfather and father wearing it – became a childlike curiosity and then a fascination, beckoning her to explore more. Soon she was in love. The look, the feel, the way it seemed it had been made ‘especially for you’.

She began to experiment with different colors and styles. Over time, the habit of wearing Khaadi became a choice, a choice she would not let go of, even though it was considered ‘way too simple’ or ‘limited’ in terms of style and design by her peers. She chose to think beyond this limited perception, and with the help of a sketch pad and a tailor, she was able to turn her ideas into a reality.

Since the industry built around Khaadi was quite traditional in its approach and perception, it somehow was unable to appeal to or fulfill the demand of the average sixteen-year-old in a fast-paced developing metro city. There existed a big gap, which she was aware of, and she got to thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if there could be pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and tops made out of Khaadi?’

She mulled over this idea for quite some time and also discussed with her father, who was an ardent fan of Khaadi fabric and had watched her unfolding journey with it. Then she met her business partner Michael, who not only encouraged her but showed enthusiasm for the idea.

Khaadi online

“Our aim is to bridge the gap and to change perceptions. Up until now, Khaadi fabric is seen in a very traditional look, associated with politicians, social workers or some kind of government employees. Another misconception that exists is that Khaadi is a luxury, only for the elite class, inaccessible to everyone else”

I think comfort should be our priority when purchasing clothes. If you are comfortable, you feel good and if you feel good you look good. And let me tell you this, comfortable clothing can be fashionable too. So go hard and fast while picking the correct outfit for your following outing. Our khaadi online items are so much comfortable you won’t need to reconsider.

Khaadi Online

Beige single frill Top

beige single frill top
This sleeveless khaadi top has a single frill on one side of the top and loop in the back.The measurement given in the size chart is an actual measurement of the ready top.

Red kowl khaadi dress

beige single frill top
This khaadi dress is a full-length long dress, with striped bodic and front button placket, the bottom is kowl styled full flare.The size chart shows you the actual measurement of the ready outfit.

Khadi Jackets

Maroon long panel khaadi denim shrug

Red Sister Blue
This is a long knee length khaadi online denim shrug which has a front knot, it has an elbow length sleeves.

Light green reversible crossed Cape

Red Sister Blue
This umbrella shape Khaadi cape has a front crossed flap with button and it also has opening for sleeves, can be worn both the sides

Red pleated khaadi palazzo

Red Sister Blue
This is a flared palazzo with creases on the front and has an elastic on the back for a cozy fit, it additionally has side pockets. The size chart shows the actual measurement of the ready garment. If you can’t stop thinking about it then buy it by clicking below on ant of these buttons.

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