Beautiful Canvas Paintings for Your Home Walls

Canvas Painting


canvas painting
Artistic walls are perfect when it comes to accentuating the visual appeal of your home. Canvas Paintings bring the bare walls of your house to life. They let the walls tell their story and capture you in its depth. Most art lovers will realize that it’s not a job of an hour or even a day.

Artists spend days doing magic with their brushes and colors to give depth to a painting, and paint the picture of their imagination, for you to decode its meaning.

Now, setting up such paintings on your living room or room dividers can reflect your taste in art and culture. And the best thing is, they are so colorful that you can pick your furnishings like cushions, sofa covers, and curtains in a matching element.

canvas painting

Canvas paintings
likewise help a lot then different paintings for your wall decor. Canvas is an extremely durable plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which sturdiness is required. It is also popularly utilized by artists as a painting surface, typically stretched across a wooden frame.

When you want to refurbish your old apartment or move to a new home, putting up vintage paintings, landscape paintings or contemporary paintings to decorate the walls can be a great idea. Irrespective of the kind of house, Canvas paintings make the walls look elegant.

Canvas painting quickly took popularity over the more traditional and cumbersome wood planks. Due to its strength, the canvas was able to withstand both the paint itself and the trial of time. Not to mention canvas is more portable, less expensive, and easier to create the correct size. No longer was a craftsman inhibited by the measure of the wood plank he could find, and much larger paintings resulted from this freedom.

Preparing canvas painting


canvas painting
Modern canvas is made from cotton, linen or synthetic material. In its natural, unprimed state, cotton canvas is an off-white color, and the fine linen canvas is a light brown. Both can be purchased in varying weights and qualities, are the slightest costly to purchase, but the most tedious to prepare.

It is also possible to buy primed, non-stretched canvas, as well as canvas panels, which are already primed, and ready to paint on when purchased. There are likewise non-extended canvases available in arts and crafts stores, some office stores, and department stores.

Canvas Painting for Home Walls

canvas painting
In preparation for a canvas painting, the canvas is first stretched and secured to a wooden stretcher frame (stretcher bars). When stretching your own canvas for an oil painting, four stretcher bars and up to 8 keys are needed to get a proper stretching up to 20 – 24″. Stretcher bars come in readymade sizes from eight inches to forty-eight inches. For canvas longer than 20 -24″ inches amid bar is recommended and for canvas larger than thirty inches, the heavier duty stretcher bars with cross panels are recommended.

The keys usually come with the stretcher bars and help to hold the canvas more securely in place at the corners. The artist’s hammer is utilized to join the bars and heavy duty staples are used to secure the canvas set up. Canvas pliers are used to gripping tightly the canvas during the stretching process and a right angle is necessary to be sure that the final product is perfectly square. The procedure is somewhat more tedious, but in the long run, will save the artist money in art supplies.

canvas painting
The surface of the canvas then receives a smooth coat of white calcium sulfate, plaster of Paris, sealed with a glue, known as gesso. This is to seal the canvas and prevent the fibers from engrossing excessively of the paint.

This coating of gesso is generally followed by the pigment lead white, which secures upper pigments. Without this priming, the filaments of the canvas would douse up the paint and create a ‘stained’ appearance. Some modern artists actually prefer this look and use unprimed canvas for painting.

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