Christmas Celebration – Major Traditions of Christmas

Let’s find out how Christmas is celebrated in United States!!

Like Diwali for the people of India, Christmas hold a great significance for the people of United States. And, this piece of information, we must not forget to explore!! Christmas day is US is celebrated on 25th of December every year and it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ much like in other parts of the world.

Christmas Celebration

Here, the celebration is accompanies with the celebration of the pre-winter hues. People on this day get into the celebratory mode much before it actually arrives. Christmas trees are erected in houses and offices, decorations start in full swing be it the street or the home, people exchange gifts with friends and family and they exchange gifts with each other.

How it is celebrated?

People in United States celebrate Christmas in a number of ways and start with the preparations much before the day arrives. Weeks before, they start with decorating their homes with bright lights, Christmas trees and other decoration items available for Christmas day. Also, it is common that, people organize for gigantic meals with their friends and family. Various delicious dishes are prepared for the Christmas meal.

Christmas Celebration

Children receive a plenty of gifts from family members and from Santa Clause. As a result, in United States, the day has become a commercialized celebration, as families incessantly spend for buying winning gifts for the children of the family and also other members of family.

Christmas Celebration

Churches and schools organize for events wherein, the neighbourhood is decorated with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm. Also, most of the malls start erecting Christmas trees and organizing dance and other competitions. A great many of Christmas songs and plays are the special attractions of the occasion. And, the great thing is that, a lot of charitable organizations and individuals organize for a meal session for the children.

The Special Celebration

The country celebrates the day retaining the original meaning of Christmas which goes to the service of people. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ! Many of the traditions adopted by United States have come from the pre-Christian winter celebrations. Some of these special and significant ways of celebration includes the decorations made with evergreen plants and with candles.

During the time of Romans this festival of winter was celebrated when people used to organise get together with family and friends. It used to be a relaxing time for the Romanians. Also, people exchanged gifts with each other and presented gifts like dolls to children. And, this festival was celebrated with the coming of the winter solstice and was celebrated on 25th December. And, the Christmas day celebration in United States has a great influence from this festival which was celebrated during the times of Romans.

Christmas Celebration

Even, the Bible does not have a mention of the date for the birth of Christ and so, 25th December got an association with the Christmas. It is estimated that, the winter solstice probably has been celebrated hundred years after the birth of Jesus. During some early years of Christianity, the celebration of 25th December was not meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The idea emerged only in the early middle ages in the European countries.


Major Traditions of Christmas Day Celebration!

Many of the traditions of Christmas that exist today were born centuries ago before the birth of Christ. The modern day traditions of exchanging gifts, bonfires, carnivals, songs of carollers which echo in the cities, huge feasts and many more have all originated from the time of the Mesopotamians. Most of these traditions began when the Mesopotamians started the New Year celebration. Some of the modern day customs and traditions of Christmas day celebration are:

Christmas Tree

Christmas Celebration

Trees have ben worshipped in many ancient cultures and quite often trees were brought at homes and decorated anticipating a good crop growth in the upcoming year. The Christmas tree of modern times was born in around 8th century while the German tribes was being converted by St. Boniface. The oak tree was worshipped by the tribe and St. Boniface cut a massive tree. In its place a fir tree grew and since then Christians started decorating the evergreen tree to celebrate Christmas.


It is thought that mistletoe fell direct from heaven on earth and it grew in the form of a tree. It made people believe that it is the representation of union of earth and heaven. Mistletoe thus signifies reconciliation of God and the mankind. The mention of a kiss under mistletoe represents reception of God’s gift from heaven.

Santa Claus

Christmas Celebration

Saint Nicholas a saint of 4th century was a bishop and favourite of children who used to distribute gifts. 6th December his day of feast day started being observed as children’s holiday and was called Saint Nikolaas in Holland. Since the English were not able to pronounce this name they started calling him Santa Claus and started celebrating it on Christmas. In Germany Santa Claus was called Kriss kringle and started celebrating the day on 25th December commemorating the birth of Jesus.


Holly, having sharp edges worn by Jesus Christ at his crucifixion, is one of the most significant symbols of Christmas day celebration. It is symbolises crown of thorns and the red berries symbolises blood.

Yule Log

The Chaldeans mean infant when they say “Yule”. The Germanic tribes celebrated Yule day or child’s day. The tradition of Yule log started in Italy and France sometimes 1200 years back. People used to cut huge massive log and place them in the hearth. And later the log thus cut is speckled with oil, salt and wine. It was believed that saying prayer with these logs would protect the household from evil spirits.

Candy Canes

Christmas Gifts

It is believed that the Candy Canes were developed to represent Jesus. The “J” shape represented Jesus. The white colour therein sis the symbol of purity and the red stripes are the representation for blood.

Christmas Cards

The tradition of wishing Christmas by sending cards to each other began in Victorian England. Printers of London Goodall and Sons started to produce Christmas cards in bulk. A card wishing “Merry Christmas” was first fabricated in 1862. They later on designed various cards having various designs like snowmen, mangers, holly and robins.

Christmas Gifts and Their Relevance For People Of Different Genre!

Christmas is commended in many nations to honor the birth commemoration of Jesus Christ. It was first seen by Romans. Christmas acts as catalyst to a happy and wonderful life. We get time to share the untold beauty of the day with family and friends. People in various places celebrate Christmas in different ways, but there are certain customs and traditions which are common across the globe, which may include exchanging gifts and sweets, decorating houses with colourful lights and spending time with family and friends.

Christmas Gifts

From the commencement of December people start planning the way they would be celebrating this auspicious day, with their family and friends. Shop vendor decorate their shop as beautifully as they can to entice customers to their shop to buy flowers and gifts. And it makes really hard-hitting to decide on the kind of gift you should buy so as to bring exuberance and smile on the face of the one you are going to gift it. Here are some points you must keep in mind while you are going to buy a gift:

  • You must first decide on the shopping place, from where you should buy Christmas gifts, as there are a large number of online shops which will be offering gifts.
  • Besides, the shop from where you are going to buy a gift, you must also be very clear on, to whom you are going to gift it. Weather gift is for a friend or a family member or you are going to gift it to your boss or colleague.
  • You can even plan a handmade gift which will help you save your money, though you need to spend some more time on a homemade gift.

Some Interesting Christmas Gifts may include:

For Kids

Since kids don’t comprehend the importance of Christmas, it won’t be a reasonable choice to present them something which has scholarly or otherworldly ramifications. You simply need to demonstrate to them your adoration and warmth and in particular you need to expedite grin their face. Children will feel cherished by accepting blessings like a container brimming with treats and chocolates, an excellent story book, an enormous and cushy teddy bear or an arrangement of some stuffed toys.

Christmas Gifts

For Teens

Shops are full of Christmas gifts for youth and in fact it becomes tough to get one. You can gift according to the taste of the person. For example, if somebody is into music then you can buy a musical instrument like a violin or a guitar. Besides, you can gift a personalised coffee mug or you can gift photo frame with some beautiful old pictures and revive the old memories.

For Office Colleagues
  • You can gift a bunch of fresh flowers with a beautiful card to your colleagues. Gifting a basket full of chocolates, flowers, some cookies and a teddy bear will for sure surprise your colleague irrespective of the taste he/she has.
  • If somebody has love for painting then you can certainly get them paintings depicting Christian mythology. It will make them feel that you value them so much that you remember their likings.

Delight your loved ones with stunning Christmas gifts!

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