Decor Your Home With These Beautiful Decorative Bottles

Decorative Bottles Online


Decorative Bottles


Decorative bottles are very popular as beautiful pieces for the home interior.

Tired of boring old vases and traditional pots? Why not try and deck up your home with some decorative bottles? They’re colorful and different, and we are sure you will find one to perfectly match your decor.

Decorative bottles can be found in various shapes and designs to complement your home. You can purchase single bottles or those in sets of two and threes. You can place them as attractive centerpieces in an otherwise empty space in your home, like a shelf or table.


Decorative Bottles


Also, You can utilize them as vases to hold sprigs of blossoms, or as planters for your money plants. These designer bottles are generally made of recycled glass which is then hand painted with acrylic paints in beautiful colors and patterns to give them a distinctive look.

The bright colors and original, contemporary motifs and patterns on these bottles make a refreshing change from boring old flower vases and pots. They are also a way of bringing a little bit of colorful inspiration into your daily life.

Antique Style Decorative Bottles


Decorative Bottles


Add this vintage style bottle to help you to remember a bygone era and give an elegant touch to your home decor. Let it’s reflective and shimmering surface charm you and your loved ones alike. Made from Glass and coated with Pure Antique Silver from inside to give a royal and antique touch, and secured with a defensive layer to counteract discoloring. Adored with a beautiful piece of hanging jewel to enhance its beauty.


Decorative Bottles


The traditional Warli (a beautiful folk art of Maharashtra made by the tribal women) design is done in a funky style. This black and white bottle depicts images of human beings, animals and scenes of daily life.


Decorative Bottles


Hand Painted Glass Bottle with oil poured on the bottle’s mouth. Can be utilized to store oil, vinegar or soy sauce. Efficient to use in the kitchen and elegant enough to display on the table. Painted using Artist’s Acrylic colors and varnished to keep the color and vibrancy intact.

You can buy designer bottles online. They will certainly look charming in that empty corner of your home. Or if you have time, you can try to make your own by hand painting any old glass bottles or old jars you may have lying around the house!

Add Colours To Your Home With Hand Painted Decorative Bottles


Decorative Bottles


You can use old wine bottles, mason jars, glass flasks, perfume bottles or practically anything. The quirkier the shape, the more fun you can have with your project! With the right design, your beautiful hand painted bottles can look really elegant, particularly in sets or a few, and give your home a vintage appeal.

If you have a wedding or special event coming up, a set of hand painted or individually decorated bottles will make a beautiful centerpiece for each table where you are planning to seat your guests. Get your children involved and make it a family project.

Don’t just stop at paint—you can also try decorating your bottles with beads, seashells, ribbons, lace, twine, bits of old fabric, or basically any craft materials you may have lying around. At Last, you can be sure that this is one piece of decor that will be totally unique to your home! So buy some decorative bottles today and take your home decor to an entire another level.

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