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Karwa Chauth is one of the most important Hindu celebrations observed by married women for the wellbeing and longevity of their husband.

On this very special day, a Vrat or fast is strictly observed till the moon-rise by married women, seeking long life and safety of their husbands. For the newlywed women, their first Karwa Chauth is a tremendous event of their life.

Everyone in the family out there cares and treats the newlywed bride, as this particular day truly marks her love as well as respect for her husband. The family members shower the newlywed lady with blessings & Karwa Chauth gifts. This festival is observed on the fourth day of Kartik month and nine days before Diwali.

Designer Bangles for Women


Designer Bangles


Give a pleasing surprise to your wife for showing their dedication and devotion by gifting Designer Bangles for Karva Chauth!

The traditional Indian festival chart showcases a long list of vibrant fairs and festivals and Karwa Chauth is one of them. The festival is commemorated all across the nation and overseas as well with much cheerfulness, fanfare, and exuberance. On this day, a married woman wears colorful sarees and beautifies herself with stunning jewelry pieces and makeup.

Husband on this day also conveys his love by showering wife with attractive gifts. This time, gift your charming wife a few glinting pieces of Karwa Chauth jewelry like earrings, designer bangles, neckpieces, and much more.




When mankind first started ornamentation, perhaps hands and wrists served as the first inspiration being the most visible parts of the body in any culture. Bangles were not just jewelry but held deep-rooted meaning in tradition, religion, and society.

Bangles were for long considered the ‘final touch’ accessories to a dress. But now the trend has changed to bangles for women becoming the main focal point of attraction of a costume. It is becoming increasingly important that even the bangles are as brilliantly designed as the outfit.  Add to the beauty of your outfit by opting for stunning Indian bangles.

Designer Bangles – The perfect gift to make her feel blessed




Bracelets and Designer bangles are often used interchangeably, though the two are very different. Bangles are round, stiff and designed to hang loosely around the wrist. Unlike bracelets, bangles can be worn in pairs or in a heap of many pieces for the jingling and colorful impact.

With their range of styles and designs, shopping for bangles online is fun. Do you want an ethnic look? Then go for multiple bangles with more intricate designs. On the other hand, if you want a more modern look, sleek bangles or even chunky designs that are plainer are a decent alternative. For a grungy look, wooden and metal bangles do the trick.

In India, married women are supposed to adorn their wrists with bangles, usually worn in pairs on both hands. They may vary in number and usually are made of gold or are gold plated.




Punjabi girls are supposed to wear white and red “choodas”, studded with stone up to one year after their marriage and Bengali, Odiya and Assamese brides wear “shakha and pola” made of white seashells and red lac individually. Sikh men wear a solitary bangle called the “kadha” on one arm.

Just go through the wide range of bangles with precious stones, these bangles are crafted with precision. The quality of these items is irreproachable. Whether you choose bangles made of silver or gold plated or bangles studded with diamonds, these are all lightweight and can be worn all day long. For the perfect party look, complete your get up with exquisitely designed bangles.

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