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Dhokra Art


Dhokra art

Dhokra art
is basically stunning metal figurines molded from bronze and copper-based alloys utilizing a ‘lost wax casting’ known as ‘cire perdue’ in French. There are several processes involved in the making of Dhokra art and hence, a single piece could take up to a month or two to be created.

Dhokra is a tribe of metalsmiths of West Bengal. The tribe which is still migrants with a couple of settlements now extends from Jharkhand to West Bengal and Orissa to Chattisgarh Dhokras.

A couple of hundred years back the Dhokras of Central and Eastern India traveled to southern India to the extent Kerala and to the north to the extent Rajasthan and hence are now found all over India. Their technique of lost wax or cire perdue casting is named after their tribe, consequently Dhokra metal casting.

Dhokra art
The specialty of lost-wax casting is an ancient one in India. The earliest known examples of cire perdue work include the well-known bronze ‘dancing girl’ found in Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus valley. Lost wax casting subsequently spread, whether by communication or parallel invention, to most civilizations.

The traditional themes of these cast metal sculptures include images of Hindu Or ‘tribal’ gods and goddesses, bowls, figures of individuals or gods riding elephants, musicians, horse and rider figures, elephants, cattle, and other figures of individuals, animals, and birds.

Making of Dhokra Art


Dhokra art
First off, a core, slightly smaller than the desired artifact, is created using clay. It is left to dry in the sun and afterward given a layer of wax that is the coveted thickness of the antique. The way layer is then coated with a thin layer of clay and all of the design complexities are carved onto this clay layer. After this clay layer dries, various clay layers are subsequently added and dried till the mould is hard and sufficiently thick. It is then heated in order for the wax layer to melt.

Once the wax has been drained off, the liquid metal is poured into the cavity through various channels and left to take the shape of the clay mould. At the point When the metal has chilled and dried, the clay mold is broken off into 2 or 3 equal pieces and the metal artifact is revealed. Because the mould is broken, no two Dhokra art pieces can ever appear to be identical. What’s more, these object arts have not a single joint in them!

The final step in the process is applying patina to the metal object. This procedure enhances the surface by creating color through the application of different chemicals. A final coat of wax is applied to upgrade and preserve the patina.

Dhokra Metal Art Showpieces

Dhokra art
The items are named after the metalsmiths having a place with Dhokra Damar tribes of Bastar area in Chhattisgarh, India. Dhokra art online & Dhokra artifacts are made utilizing all natural products and go under along making procedure.

As all the Dhokra Items like Dhokra art figurines, workmanship piece, and decorative products are handcrafted they appear to be unique from each other in terms of size, weight, and minor designs. The year-old Dhokra craft is now an identity of many rural artisans in India and they are trying consistently to bring Dhokra crafts in the shimmering light recognition.

Dhokra art
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Dhokra art
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